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Will you enjoy our Pilates classes?  Of course you will, but don’t let us tell you, why not read our testimonials to see what our customers have had to say about our Pilates classes!

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We have various morning and evening Pilates classes throughout Aberdeen and the surrounding area so what are you waiting for?  Sign up and book your class today!

Why attend Pilates classes and what are the benefits?

Pilates classes are a great way to exercise if you want to strengthen your core and gluteal muscles. This gives you strength from within and you will start to notice that you become more flexible and gain better awareness of your posture.   Attending regular Pilates classes may also help to complement other forms of exercise you might participate in.  Attending a physiotherapist led Pilates class is also great if you are receiving physiotherapy, recovering from injury, or returning to sport following injury.

Will your body change?

If you practice Pilates regularly you will start to see a change in your body shape and posture. Some of our clients can testify that Pilates has improved their fitness, body shape, flexibility and strength!


  • "10/10.  Less back pain, more balance and my aches and pains in general have improved.  The classes are relaxing and I feel well looked after."

    AM, Ruthrieston


  • "After pregnancy I felt my body had shutdown.  Laura woke it up gently, professionally and with great results.  I am extremely grateful for that."

    JW, Aberdeen


  • "Coming to Pilates has not only helped to settle my back pain, it has also improved my running.  Great teacher and great classes.  I would highly recommend them."

    IM, Aberdeen


  • "My mobility, strength and stamina have all improved.   I couldn't manage without my weekly Pilates class - a great motivation for me to keep active!"

    JC, Aberdeen


  • "Top class instruction!  Exercises always changing.  The tweaks from your walk around tells me that I am doing the exercises correctly."

    Anonymous, Ellon


  • "An excellent class which is enjoyable, covering a range of abilities and expertly delivered by an extremely knowledgable and friendly instructor!"

    SG, Ellon


  • "Super classes.  Eithne is a great instructor.  I feel like the small classes allow us to get proper guidance with the exercises."

    JM, Ruthrieston


  • "I highly recommend these classes.  The quickest hour of my week!  My flexibility is improved and I actually like the exercises for my gluteal muscles!!"

    JP, Ruthrieson


  • "This is the first time in many years of attending various exercise classes that my whole body and mind feels exercised and energised without being too sweaty or running the risk of injury. 10 out of 10!"

    JR, Aberdeen




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