COVID19 Update

Due to the current COVID19 situation classes have been suspended until further notice.

We will be running an online streamed timetable and uploading classes onto Vimeo for you to purchase in the meantime.

Exercise is so important at times like this!

Please email or call 07734312798 for more details.

Thank you for your understanding. Take care of yourselves at this difficult time.

Laura, Ashley, Hannah and Debbie xx

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Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise.

Pilates exercise classes are designed to strengthen the deep abdominals, as well as the lower back and gluteal muscles. By strengthening your ‘core’ you provide the rest of your body with a strong, stable base from which to move.  We have outlined some benefits of attending regular Pilates exercise classes below.

Body Awareness

You will start to notice that your body benefits when you attend our Pilates classes. Benefits of Pilates - Women Practicing PilatesThese benefits can include a better sense of body awareness, and as a result of this improved posture. Your flexibility will also improve, and you may also find that practising Pilates complements other forms of activity that you participate in.

Improve your core & overall strength

As you get stronger, the exercises will get harder, allowing you to continually challenge your body and improve your core strength. The instructor will ensure clients are progressed at a rate that is suitable to each individual, so you can rest assured you will be working at a level appropriate to you.

Refresh your mind

By emphasising breathing and body movements you can learn how to co-ordinate these and how to control both your breathing and movements. This allows you to finish our classes feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Improve sports performance and prevent injuries

By strengthening muscles and improving muscle elasticity, regular practice of Pilates can help to reduce the likelihood of injuries.




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Try Pilates today

Are you from Aberdeen or the surrounding area? Are you looking for a Pilates class to attend? Why not book a Pilates class with LC PhysiotheraPilates in Aberdeen today and discover what Pilates can do for you?

We offer morning and evening Pilates classes throughout Aberdeen and the Shire.  Please take a look at our timetable.

If you would like to discuss your unique fitness requirements, or to organise a one-to-one or small group Pilates session, contact Laura today.

What our clients say...

  • "After pregnancy I felt my body had shutdown.  Laura woke it up gently, professionally and with great results.  I am extremely grateful for that."

    JW, Aberdeen

  • "This is the first time in many years of attending various exercise classes that my whole body and mind feels exercised and energised without being too sweaty or running the risk of injury. 10 out of 10!"

    JR, Aberdeen

  • "10/10.  Less back pain, more balance and my aches and pains in general have improved.  The classes are relaxing and I feel well looked after."

    AM, Ruthrieston

  • "Top class instruction!  Exercises always changing.  The tweaks from your walk around tells me that I am doing the exercises correctly."

    Anonymous, Ellon

  • "My mobility, strength and stamina have all improved.   I couldn't manage without my weekly Pilates class - a great motivation for me to keep active!"

    JC, Aberdeen